Oxford St Estate, London – UK

Developing presence and charisma through Facade Lighting  – Oxford Street Estate Case Study

The project brief

Occupying 89m of Oxford Street façade from North Audley St to Balderton Street, is situated on one the busiest and prestigious shopping destinations in London. The project brief was to unify the block of buildings through facade lighting –  by picking out the features that would render the façades character best at night.

To ensure the façade not only looked impressive at night, unsightly cabling should not detract from the buildings charm and architectural beauty during the day, attracting higher end retailers and discerning shoppers, by giving the development presence
and charisma.

Our solution

Through extensive lighting trials and 2D Photoshop visuals LDI picked out the features that would render the façades character best at night.

What better product for this project but PLAZA? This ranges loves nothing more than bringing a building face to life. With its vast range of colour temperatures ranging from warm white to cooler tonal whites, various optic sizes and unobtrusive style… we can safely say PLAZA achieves exactly that on this project.

Let’s start with the Red brick vertical features – These are picked out by 10° PLAZA 10 in 2700K, giving an inviting warm glow to the red brick texture. Narrow beam up lighting was meticulously planned to ensure the right amount of shadow and highlights, allowing the form of the building to be expressed from wherever your view point.

Then onto the window reveals and wider features these were lit with PLAZA 10 using 12 x 40° optics, and to link and unify the vertical FINO (who else?) With its ultra compact profile and high performance working in perfect harmony with PLAZA to produce a stunning effect.

As we come to the lighter stone buildings, with darker columns. PLAZA 10 with 3000K are used to preserve the lighter finish. This intentional change in colour temperature across the design, makes the light stone buildings a feature within the whole estate.

All visible fittings needed to be as unobtrusive as possible especially in this busy shopping zone, fittings were RAL finished to match the various mounting surfaces, ensuring minimal visual impact on the façade by day, and all cabling routes are well concealed. So shoppers and visitors experience the lighting without seeing the fittings. To ensure no glare is experienced by pedestrians or building occupants the fittings are equipped with glare snoots (Finished to match the fittings) and louvres where necessary finished in a matt black to ensure glare control is optimal.

The result is a perfect balance of colour through facade lighting highlighting the architecture for people to enjoy the beauty of the building – but not blinded by it.


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